Myla Ross
During the month of May, The Orcas Island Artworks is privileged to feature Myla Ross, an 18-year-old
student of Spring Street International School senior who lives on Orcas.
On display will be WATER GARDEN, Myla’s first endeavor with oil painting, a stunning and impressive
pieces of art.
“My entire world revolves around art. I cannot think of a memory I have predating my love of it. Art is
what keeps me humble, what keeps me guessing and tying, what exercises my humanity. But my love of
art did not grow overnight. In the 18 years that I’ve liven on Orcas, my desire to create has been met
with encouragement from my family, my friends and my teachers, always pushing me to explore new
mediums and techniques. (Although oil and charcoal will always be my favorite) I am so grateful to my
community for the support and encouragement that I have received. I know that this is the reason I
have taken my art as far as I have and the reason that I will be attending Tufts University this fall to
pursue a degree in Fine Arts. I am so excited to be heading off into an even bigger art world, and I look
forward to sharing all my future creation with the island community that inspired them . – Myla Ross
Orcas Island Artworks is pleased to launch this promising young artist Myla Ross.
The Artworks Is open daily from 10 to 5.

Peter Andres Mohlman      ( 4/10/2023)


The Orcas island Artworks Features new paintings through the month April by Peter Andres Mohlman  


Peter has spent decades working as visually creative person.  He attended the New Orleans Center for

the Creative Arts and graduated from the Atlanta College of Art.


Peter is inspired by the beauty of Orcas and the surrounding Islands which are a constant source of joy to him.  He strives to share these feelings in his work.   


Using acrylic and oil mediums on wooden panel he focuses on capturing the natural scenes of The San Juan Island in a slight graphic style.


In addition, for the last two years he has been collaborating with people designing and constructing functional driftwood sculptures


The Artworks Is open daily from 10 to 5  

July Sculpture Garden news! LARGE CRAB ARRIVES AT THE ORCAS ISLAND ARTWORKS SCULPTURE GARDEN. “Crab” by Zackarya Leck, forged steel and found objects, 42 x 72”. The Artworks is open daily 10-5. 360 376-4408 
There is a new cafe in our building this year! It is named Lascaux. Please call for hours at 360-376-1440. Or visit their web site for more information:
Two new major installations have landed in the Artworks Sculpture Garden.
Zack Leck’s “Sanctuary Mobile” is a 14’ tall mobile made of forged steel. Zack writes: “This piece was conceived and entirely created here on Orcas at my Westsound studio. All the fittings and chain down to the washers were forged. The title references the fact that the floating bowls can be filled with bird seed, the uppermost holds water, so our winged friends can get cleaned up and have a meal.” The price is $22,000, which includes local delivery and installation.
Ina Drosu’s “Clasping Gate” is forged steel, over 6’ tall. “I think of it as a floral garment held together by a clasp or brooch. As the latch revolves to open it either rests downward like a stemmed flower, or upward on a curved riveted hasp.” The price is $9,800 including local delivery and installation.
“Sanctuary Mobile” by Zack Leck