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Two days only - Saturday, November 18 and Sunday, November 19, 10-4 at 11 Point Lawrence Road in Olga. Everything in the gallery and in our online store is 20% off! This is a great opportunity to stock up on gifts hand made by your friends and neighbors on Orcas





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The Orcas Island Artworks features “Reflections”  by Carl Buttke through the month of November.

This watercolor painting, a part of my “Reflections” series, was created within the past year in a large format (30 X 58 inches) to explore and convey the mystery between the real and the imagined - the conflict between the seen and unseen. My intent by painting images of forest reflections on our waters of the San Juan Islands is to take the viewer into the depths of the forest with the unease of the dark spaces and bring out the joy of the water reflections.

My paintings are finished to display them without having to be framed behind glass thus eliminating glare of light on the artwork. To support the painting, I stretch and mount hot press watercolor paper on a wood panel. When the painting is finished, I spray it with an archival varnish to seal the painting and provide UVLS protection to minimize light damage. It is then sealed again with an archival wax, adding a unique texture to the surface of the painting. This coating results in protection against dust, moisture, and even water. I have used this process for paintings varying in size from 12 x 9 inches to 60 x 30 inches for more than 20 years.

The Artworks is open daily from 10 to 4.






The Orcas Island Artworks features new work by ceramic artist Mary Jane Elgin.
As usual my themes and shapes all relate to the natural world surrounding us. In these studies I
have begun an exploration into some of the life within the sea. More specifically I am
experimenting with the flowing shapes of the salmon and the kelp whose presence enriches the
waters around us.
Several of these pieces are presented as collages, combining the moving shapes of my ceramics
with the moving grain and lights and darks of the wood pieces I have selected. I’m always
fascinated to see how the existing shades and shapes of one material can play off the light and
form of another, ultimately enhancing both and melding into an elevated form which hopefully
creates a greater depth of experience for the viewer.
The Artworks is open daily from 10 to 5.









BJ and her husband have recently created a new home and garden closer to town.  The incredible riot of flowers through the seasons is a never-ending source of inspiration and delight which is reflected in her new body of work.

Her latest artistic evolution reminds us there is always great beauty to be found, if we only look.  She hopes you will share in the JOY she has discovered in this floral exploration.

BJ is a long time Orcas Island resident and a member of the Artworks.


The Orcas Island Artworks features charcoal drawings and a lime plaster panel by Ina Drosu through the
month of August.
These works were generated from Ina’s extensive studies of the work of nineteeth century American
painter James McNeill Whistler.
The plaster panel in this presentation is a painting made of pure Venetian plaster applied with various
implements, compressed with trowel, burnished with stone, and finished with wax. Ina says, “I am
profoundly drawn to the subtlety, quality, and history of this material and find it exquisitely evocative.”
The Artworks is open daily from 10 to 5.