Timothy Clark

Timothy Clark of Colouroy is an Orcas based artist & designer. A unique cravatier, Colouroy is the manifestation of his craft through the joining of color, texture and aesthetic in architectural fashions. 


Clark cut his creative teeth wordsmithing and organizing sound, but had a thirst for a more physically tangible form of articulation that remained unquenched until he picked up a needle and thread. Although somewhat conflicted by the seemingly impractical nature of personal adornment, Clark has always been intrigued by accessories as a source of self-assertion and an active part of our self-definition. 


Colouroy is his maiden voyage into visual creative expression, one that has quickly caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts and the free-spirited; Clark wants us to love what we see when we look into the mirror every day, and you feel it in every stitch. By crossing color, couture and cultural boundaries, he invites those who adorn themselves in Colouroy to exit the pigeon holes of personal presentation confined by status quo, and join him on a journey of self-empowerment through artistic and individual declaration.


For more on Colouroy visit www.colouroy.com

Email: colouroy@gmail.com

Facebook/Instagram: @colouroy