Melanie Krueger-Davis

Melanie first picked up knitting at the age of 10. Although she has experimented with a vast number of media including watercolor, pottery, wood and jewelry, it is now rare to see her without a pair of needles in hand, connected to a ball of yarn stashed in a pocket or purse. The meditative motion and ability to take it anywhere are what she finds particularly appealing. Knitting combines well with hiking, riding the ferry and sitting in a movie theatre. A member of the “She who dies with the most yarn wins” club, Melanie starts with the yarn and creates her own patterns to use its color and texture to the best advantage. Some of her favorite pieces use yarn that has become “vintage” while waiting to finally become a wearable piece of art.

Before coming to Orcas in 1994, Melanie was a teacher specializing in foreign languages and had completed a pre-med program. In typical Orcas fashion, she left those pursuits behind and in 2000 became co-owner of an autobody shop where she helps perform surgery on ailing cars of all nationalities. She is now also a volunteer EMT.