Ina Drosu

Because observation lies at the root of art, no artistic evolution progresses in a straight line – mine is proof enough. My interests are broad, like my choice of medium or subject: from traditional decorative painting and Mediterranean lime plaster to Interior Design, from bronze or ceramic sculpture to oil painting on canvas or verre églomisé. There is no subject I’ve broached that I have not considered indispensable to the subsequent one, no matter how seemingly disparate – be it a philosophical idea, an emotion, a portrait, or a bird.


Today I paint mostly in reverse oil on glass (otherwise known as verre églomisé  )…and mostly birds. Where I live, they are ubiquitous. Most importantly, when dead, they look no less alive. They’re a testament to the fact that life and death are degrees of each other, that color always remains, that motion is inferred in stillness. I think of them as still lifes.


My interest in reverse painting on glass began years ago with my interest in fresco painting, doing egg tempera as a prerequisite. Traditionally, reverse egg tempera painting on glass was the realm of icon painting in monasteries, done in a naïve medieval style. For me, using artist’s oils instead offers an updated, much more flexible, durable, versatile, and rich means to reflecting existential experience. It also has decorative applications to non-flat surfaces, such as my reverse oil painted and gilded glass bowls, plates, and tiles.