Ellen Wherrette

I was born in France in 1954 while my parents and two year old sister were abroad on a Fullbright scholarship. Several weeks after my birth my family returned to the Pacific Northwest.

My mother was a potter, and therefore clay was always available for me to use. As a child I was captivated by the wonderful plasticity of the material and its potential for creating human and animal forms. Over the years I have strived to create anatomically accurate human and animal forms, with a natural sense of movement or repose, and with the desired shape and proportions. I was also interested in textures and pattern, and incorporated these into many sculpted works.

As a teenager, winters were spent with my mother in Mexico. I was very excited by the ocean, the music, the culture and the art and architecture that surrounded me. The rich melange inspired me to paint and sculpt with renewed purpose. In 1974 I gave birth to a beautiful son, who also enjoyed wintering in Mexico. We continued the migratory pattern of returning each spring to our family home in the Pacific Northwest where I sculpted and sold my work.

After many years of teaching myself, I entered the sculpture program at the University of Washington, where I spent six wonderful years and graduated Cum Laude with a BFA in sculpture. Since then I have had a small business sculpting prototypes for various companies, have been a personal sculpture technician, and have received many private commissions and various awards.

Over the last five years I have been teaching sculpture to people of all ages and producing the pieces I refer to as my garden series. My sketchbooks have been filling up with yet-to-be explored designs. Many of the new pieces will be kinetic in nature, designed to be powered by wind or water, while some are interactive pieces that will require a human hand.