Timothy Blocksom

I am an artist, specializing in the creation of functional and timeless metalwork.

 All of my work is hand hammered here on Orcas Island with 100 year old hammers that I have reshaped for specific uses. I come in contact daily with the inspiration of reverence of old time life here on the island, long gone days where life required man to create needed tools for daily needs. Each piece is raised by hand with attached handles that resemble the natural shape of a grape vine as it grows resulting in extreme quality. True one of a kind creations that will far outlast their creator. I like to think of my metalwork as combining beauty and functionality, something that is not easily obtainable these days.

 Before finding my passion for metalwork, I’ve made everything from recorded music, to custom furniture for the Amish; to one of a kind drum sets for rock stars throughout the world!

 Being born the grandson to a Midwest blacksmith has helped my copper and silver work bring out a life of their own.