Zackarya Leck

Growing up in a creative household, Zackarya learned from both his blacksmith father and textile artist mother, engaging with the making of things both practical and artistic.  He started blacksmithing with his father and began receiving commissions during high school; blacksmithing has been his calling and livelihood ever since. 


Zackarya loves the directness of smithing.  A truly spontaneous and hands-on process, it is the job of the smith to add his creativity and muscle to breathe life into the iron.  The practice evolves through generations with each smith standing on the shoulders of the smiths that have come before.  Given the fascinating history of blacksmithing, Zackarya is very pleased that more people are discovering and appreciating this ancient craft.



In 2001, Zackarya established his studio on Orcas, his birthplace, and has executed commissions  both locally and as far as Taipei, Taiwan.  He currently creates original artworks, accepts selected commissions, and teaches blacksmithing classes from his Westsound workshop.


"For by Hammer and Hand, all arts do stand."    Moses Kipling