Ashley Ryder

I create my work in a small garage studio on Orcas Island.  Each piece is a process of inspiration, design, fabrication and offering.  My primary tool is a fine bladed jeweler's saw, which I use to cut each intricate shape by hand.  All my jewelry is soldered with silver and an acetylene torch.  Finish work is completed with small hand files, hand sanding and polishing.  Each piece is designed and fabricated in a labor of love and slightly compulsive perfectionism.  I feel great satisfaction making metal look and feel soft.  Soft round edges, soft satin finish.  I want the wearer to feel like they're putting on their favorite gauzy t-shirt.  I also create my jewelry to be strong, enduring; something that can be worn daily and passed down to accumulate the stories of generations.  Finally, my metalwork embodies a deep sense of place and reverence for the beauty and bio-diversity of the Pacific Northwest.  I am honored to share a small piece of my home with you.  

Thank you for your interest in my work!