Gail Glass

Gail creates her luminescent Glass Wear jewelry by kiln fusing different combinations of opaque, transparent and dichroic glass.  The fusing process transforms the glass into a liquid state and then it is allowed to cool slowly back to a solid.  “The outcome,” says Gail, “is never totally predictable and there is always an element of anticipation and surprise when the kiln is finally opened.”

    Gail’s favorite pastimes take her outdoors into nature.  Hiking, birding, biking, x-country skiing and kayaking are high on her list.  Taking the time to observe, listen to and appreciate nature’s gifts are important to her.  Gail moved to Orcas Island in 1991 from Lake Tahoe, California.  She recently retired from her career as a Pediatric Speech Pathologist.  She can often be found out on the Island’s trails, hiking with friends.