David Haslett

Dave Haslett was born in the Pacific Northwest where the nature in his surroundings is found in both his bronze and stone sculpture.  While attending Portland State University he studied with James Lee Hansen,  Don Wilson and Keith Jellum. Dave has been using rare and exotic stone producing mantel to monumental sculpture ever since.  Dave now carves small hand held fetish stones,  pedestal sized pieces and monumental sculpture some eight feet high and weigh 3,500 pounds.

With patience and humor Dave finds himself confronting the ongoing challenge that each individual stone presents.  Having spent many years researching the Egyptian and Mayan cultures and tapping into their rich source of information fueled his imagination inspiring him to carve.
Understanding that stone was either once molten quartz or compressed sea floor brings this ancient earth new meaning as the layers are peeled away unveiling its hidden treasure.  Carving is a developing dialog that continually pushes form to new places.  The execution in hard stone by all ancient master carvers transcends to this day the beauty and form this medium offers.